Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Gown Refashion, Make new baby PJ's out of old ones

How to refashion a baby gown into a new pair of baby pajamas

How to make this baby short set out of a baby gown 
Today's tutorial is a very easy baby gown refashion.  I am going to show you step by step how to make an old baby gown into new baby short and top set.  My little man loves it!(I can read his mind)
Before a size 0-3month gown, after 12 month short set

I know that the thought of having to sew somthing can be intemadating.  It can lead you in a quest of "the No-sew-refashions"  I try and post a lot of them, to help ease you intimidated seamstresses into the idea of having to sew.  Well this project dose require some sewing and no you probably can't get away with stitch witchery.  Believe me it will only take you 5 minuets with a needle and thread, you can do it.

Ok lets get started then!

You will Need
I love how soft this is, but baby T hated that he can't crawl in it
 I picked a baby gown that had soft fabric that would work perfect for the baby to sleep in with out getting over heated.  I used one that said size 0-3 and it refashioned in a size 12 month.

Step 1
Lay a top that has a length you like and a pair of shorts that fit your baby well on top of the baby gown.  Put the waist of the shorts at the elastic on the bottom of the gown(this elastic will become the top of the shorts) Mark with chalk under the top.

Step 2


Step 3
Make a small cut in the new shorts, pin and sew(the sewing was so minimal I did it by hand!)  It was only about 20 stitches!That means that you, yes you can do it!

Step 4
Fold up the arms and legs to make the appropriate length for your baby.  Put a few stitches in the folds to help keep the hems up.  I then used a little piece of the old trim as a embellishment on the sleeves.(see below) * Safety Tip When adding anything to baby clothing be sure to stitch it very well and always check that it is still stitched down well when laundering the garment.
For safety make sure to sew down anything you put on baby clothing VERY well and check often for loose threads.
Now his legs are free to crawl, he loved staying up late with me taking pictures.
This picture is so funny, He was very happy to show of the new jammies

He sure had fun being my model for the day! 
Thank you so much for looking at my blog today.  I love you for it!  Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment, That way I know people are actually reading this.  If you have any questions ask away!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to paint suede shoes, an easy shoe Refashion

How to paint suede shoes, an easy shoe Refashion

Shoe refashion
Well...this is my before and after photo, they look even worse than I remember! These Sued flats were in serious need of a shoe redo!  A little fun fact about me, shoes was my first word.  So as you can imagine these old nine west's needed a face lift!  
I had some suede leather shoes and suede is fun to paint!
Step 1
Paint the shoes, let dry (fabric, acrylic or spray paint will all work, test a section on your specific fabric)
*Tip When painting suede, I have learned that it works best if you use a small amount of paint and work it into the leather.  Instead of "on top" of the leather.
Step 2
Add shine with Gloss Mod Podge to the trim and let that dry.
 I painted the shoes then after they dry I added a thick layer of Mod Podge

TA-DASo what do you think of my easy peasy how to paint refashion?
This is a nice simple easy shoe refashion.  I like it... I wanted to LOVE it
You could stop here and be done. I seriously considered it. So you can do that if you want, but I wanted to show you how with a few more easy steps you can take this easy shoe redo one step further.  

Ready? Alright part two of the easy shoe refashion

Step 3
Make an embeliment for your updated shoes.
I think the picture shows how best but I will try and describe how to make the easy shoe embellishment.

Use a long head pin, load it up with ribbon. (I used this double ruffled ribbon) When you work your way half way through, loading the headpin(in a sewing fashion) add a button.  Then continue to load the ribbon on to the head pin.

When your all done cut the Ribbon. form a circle out of your ribbon, fold the wire as shown in the photo and attach to the shoe as shown in the photo!

And your done! TA-DA then you have a pair of flats that can be worn two different ways.

This is how the flats will look with the embellishment attached, but if you want to go more simple...

Then you can just pull of the ribbon!Go simple. So this is like two new shoes in one!

So what do you think? I love this refashion, I think it worked out so good! Even my boyfriend liked them, well he didn't say that.  I could tell because he usually says "that looks good too" or "both ways are fine, I don't CARE!" when I ask him about my refashions.  But when he saw these (I didn't even ask) But today he asked, "How did you paint those?" "Is that going to be your post today?" "I never even knew that they made fabric paint!"

So if baby daddy is excited about the refashion, then well you should be too.  ;)  I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial about how to paint suede shoes and refashion them into something fabulous.

Please let me know your thought.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Illuminating Blogger Award, Thank You!

I'm nominated for the Illuminating Blogger Award

What a surprise! Me, nominated for the Illuminating Blogger award?!  I was nominated by Raquel from The Organized Island.  I need to give Raquel a huge THANK YOU!(and a hug if I could reach)   This nomination is very exciting for me.  Raquel really made my day week with this!  I promise to keep coming up with "Illuminating" content for my readers to enjoy. I hope that my readers will keep reading.  

Well as you can guess after being nominated I must do something to WIN. What are those things I must do? Well I am glad you asked. I went over to food stories blog (the blog offering the award) to find out.  I had two main things.

Thing Number 1  
The first thing I must do is share one random thing about myself with you in this blog post.  I think this is a good idea.  Good call food stories blog!

This was very hard for me to come up with, I guess because I have had a lot of strange things happen to me.  The random fact about me I decided to go that I stopped taking portraits for a living room back when film was the main way to take photos.(I never thought digital would take off)  I sure do miss the years I spent in the dark room Dodging and burning and sometimes napping :)

Thing Number 2
  The second thing that I need to do is select at least fives other bloggers that I enjoy and nominate them for the Illuminating Blogger Award.  The page says "many people indicate that they wish they could nominate more so please feel free to nominate all your favorites". 

Yes It was hard to pick, yes they say feel free to nominate all my favorites, but that would be way too much.  I needed to draw the line some place.   For once in my life not wanting to be overly ridiculous;  I went with 10 of my favorite blogs.  I nominated them all for different reasons, but what ever the reason is they all inspire and illuminate me.

The Blogs that I have nominated are
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Miscellaneous Eats

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A fix for small shirt sleeves

Day 3

This is probably the fastest refashion I have ever done.  I guess it is more of a update than a refashion.  Some how all these easy refashions make me feel like I am not realy trying. Like since my refashions are no -sew then they don't count.  I am luck that this one was fast and easy because I had to battle with my computer all day.  I finely just deleted firefox and moved to Google Chrome, so far so good.  Firefox was getting worse and worse overtime I updated it.

Ok moving on to my refashion.

I bought this shirt on 99cent day at The Salvation Army. I got it because love this color, I am so glad its back "on"!
Love the color

 However the sleeves on this shirt are way to small for me.  See how they dig in and are very unflatering!
Uncomfy to say the least
So I just hacked the sleeves off!

Now I have a halter top for the summer time

I did not leave enough extra to sew the edge and this type of fabric will frey.  So I went for my very fave...stitch witchery.  To fix up the arm holes.

So what do you think?  I like it, I just don't know.  I think it still needs a little something.  I feel a little to "mom" in this, well see.  Maybe with the vest I will feel good!

Ok I am linking this up to a few partys!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easy Chevron Cuff Bracelet, How To

 Easy Chevron Cuff Bracelet, how to make one quick! Step by step  tutorial

I had this fabulous jacket laying around. What do you think?  It was a gift back in...a long time ago
This was actually from wet Seal
 I did not want the leather to wind up in a landfill so I have dectied to refashion it!  I want to make as much as I can out of this jacket.  Today's refashion is how to make an easy chevron ombre cuff  bracelet.  I cut it up!

            I always like to show a quick Before and After before I get to the tutorial

Step 1
I cut it up!
Seriously be as careful as you can, you want to save as much of the leather as you can. You never know what you can make with a little scrap.
Photos 1-4 ,  my deconstructing this old Wet Seal jacket that will so be a Ombre Chevron cuff Bracelet for your wardrobe

Step 2
find the best piece for you to work with.  This all depends on your preference in cuff bracelet size
If you are a visual learner then you will see from this collage that I found a section of leather and trimmed it off 
If you prefer to read
I will walk you thorugh the photos above
1, I found a pocket
2. Opened it up and saw that the inside trim was perfect sizes and shape for my soon to be chevron cuff bracelet
3. tried the leather piece away very carefully.
4.The I had a nice piece of leather to work with, that was once the inside of a jacket.

This is how I got it into the shape needed and added a backing
visual learners have you way with my photos
Steps to adding the backing
1. Cut the strip of leather as straight as you can, leave it a bit larger than you would like(leather shrinks with heat, we will be using heat, I am a LAZY crafter)
2. Cut some fabric that will be your lining(I used part of some linen pants I cut up years ago)
3. Now make a sandwich.  Leather, Iron on fusing, top it of with your lining.
not shown in the photos next you will iron it all together according to the directions on you fusing(or stitch witchery).
4. then trim it all up, making it pretty!

Step 4
Now add the chevrons with tape (I suggest painters tap,I was out...donations are welcome)
Tip: Make a guide line down the center, this will help keep the tape centered.  You can do this by making a slight indention 

How to add the tape
1. Make a right angle with two pieces of tape
2.Line up all your right angle to make things easier them all down very carefully, stay as lined up and centered as you can(do not press them        down to firm yet)
4. Now remove every other piece of tape, like in photo 4.  Then pres the remaining tape down very well, paying extra attention to the edges.  This way your paint will not leak under the tape and ruin your whole project leading you to cry.

Step 5
How to add the paint.
Tip: add the pain in an up and down tapping motion. This will help paint leaking under the tap, leading to crying.(photo1)
 Steps to add the paint
This is the part in the process that you need to use your own creativity.  I will describe how I added the paint.
1. Add a strip of the dark color, it is best to use a up and down tapping motion.
  1.1 Next mix some white and paint a middle line of with the same up and down tapping motion.
  1.2 Lats use the white and add very little of the darker color, make a third line. of the lightest color.
2. Photo two is how mine looked.  You may choose to use more or less paint depending on how dark you want it to be.  Less paint will make a less dramatic effect.
3. After letting the pain soak into the leather for a few moments.  Then use a dry sponge to absorb the extra paint.
4. After letting that paint dry a touch more, VERY carefully remove the tape.

Step 6
Finish it up!
Let it dry over night
This is how I finished mine up, I left mine kinda long so I could use it on my wrist or ankle!

1. this is how mine looked in the morning when I got up.
2. You have a lot of options on how to finish the bracelet, I have shown a few in photo 2
3. I chose to fold a leather strip under each side and then sew it down
4. TA-Da, that is how mine turned out! What do you think?

So what do you think of my bracelet? I hope you like it and will give it a try. Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts.  If you have any questions please email me and I will do my best to help you out.

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how to Refashion a Smocked Top into a Draped Back Top

Before and after, not that special.  Wanna see the back?
Ok the back is what makes the top special!  So what do you think!  I took a bunch of after photos:)

Sassy right?
Well then lets get right into it!  If you can't tell I have a thing for clothing items with smocking, I love to buy them to refashion.  They can work for tops, waist bands, headbands and even...yes even a bra in a pinch.

Step one

You need
1. Smock top with a hem
2. Ribbon
4. Safety Pin
3. Necklace(or other fun embellishment)

Step two
Mark with chalk the spots that you want the the ribbon to show. The best way to find the spots is to put the top on and mark it with chalk.
See my two chalk marks on the top I am upcycling into an open back top

Step three
Cut a slit at both the chalk marks.  Then slide your ribbon in one of the slits and pull it all the way around through the new "ribbon casing".  Then when you get back to the start tie it in a knot or stitch them together(after trying it on an making sure the measurement is right).  
Hide this knot in the casing AKA hem. You must try this on, and make sure it works before finishing it off.  Depending on you, your top and your body this might need to be done with elastic, and ribbon.(email me if you need help doing it that way) I only needed ribbon

This is how it should look with just the ribbon added.  You can leave it like this is you want.
Now add the necklace or another fun embellishments you like. Make sure the chain is longer than the ribbon.

TA-DA! This is how the back will look when you are finished!
The back of the refashioned smock top

So what do you think?  This is how it looks from the front! Very slimming for my postpartum belly!

And the back!