Sunday, June 15, 2014

How to Refashion Denim Shorts

I refashioned these shorts last fall, But short season is back! I loved doing his denim shorts refashion because it was easy and affordable. I love that 80's style splatter paint look right now! This is my twist on the dip dyed shorts mixed with splatter paint.
I hope you enjoy this easy DIY tutorial for a pair of white denim shorts with neon splatter paint on the hem. If you have any questions just ask. After all I spend my days and nights hoping someone is reading my tutorials.

This is an EASY Step by step Tutorial 
This is a step by step tutorial that will teach you how to refashion jean shorts into white and pink splatter painted shorts. I used girls size shorts but this tutorial will work for any size shorts. I used pink for my splatter painted hem but I think any color will look perfect. 

Before and After

 I think you could get away with out using the textile medium, but I love it. It is very affordable on It makes your acrylic paint into fabric paint.(so that one purchase makes your whole paint stash turns into fabric paint!) All you have to do is mix some of the textile medium into your paint and your good to go. Using the textile medium will make the paint softer and more durable when you wash it. 
When you are finished your shorts should look something like this! If you do make a pair please let me  show them off! Send me a picture I will publish it for you. 

A while back someone donated a big bag of very used girls clothes to me. I always love a donation! For this project I pulled some jean shorts from that bag. They had good fabric and bad stains. I knew they would be the perfect pair to fix up and donate to someone's little girl.
(Please email me if you need a project donated to your little one)

Lets get started with this tutorial!

Steps 1-4(above)
1. Get Denim shorts
2. Add bleach and water to a sink 
3. Soak and watch until they reach the color you want
4. Wash and Dry 
 *Tip After you remove your shorts out of the bleach and water mix they will continue to become lighter and lighter until they are rinsed clean of all the bleach. Just like cupcakes keep on cooking until cool
Step 5
After your shorts are dry put cardboard between the legs, This will prevent any paint from seeping through. Also use tape and plastic to protect any part of the shorts that you do not want getting splatter painted.
Step 6
Mix your paint. 
  • Jar 1, mix the textile medium with the pink. (fallow the directions on the bottle)
  • Jar 2, mix the textile medium with the White
  • Jar 3, mix some of the pink and white(after the medium is added) together to make a lighter pink color.
*Tip I made a little diagram about mixing the paint for those of you who are more visual learners.

Step 7

Paint your shorts
  • 1st paint the dark pink along the hem on the front and back of the shorts. Leave it imperfect.
  • 2nd Splatter paint with the light pink over the first(dark) layer of paint.
  • 3ed Splatter with the white paint over the first 2 layers of paint. 
*Tip To get the splatter look use your paint brush to flick and drizzle paint.
After the splatters dry you remove the plastic. You can then add some other details if you want. I painted the coin pocket and the button detail in solid pink. Let it dry according to the textile medium directions. Then wash and dry.

Add some paint details

I love how this refashion worked out!  I hope you got some inspiration out of this post. If you did head over to and let me know what youthink
Thank you 
Here you have all of the steps in one picture !

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Easy Tutorial Arrow Necklace and blog hop #24

This Arrow Necklace is made out of painted suede, it is very fun and easy. This is the step by step tutorial. I made it with some old leather scraps and some nail polish. Just think of all the color options. Click here or the full step by step tutorial.

Now time for the Blog hop.

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