Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How to refashion a Baby Gown into Toddler Pants

   This is a fast and easy tutorial on how to make these cute baby pants. 

When my baby was a new born I loved the baby gowns because they are so easy for changing the baby.
Now my baby is 19 months old and has long out grown the baby gowns. 
So I have come up with this ver easy step by step tutorial on how to Refashion a baby gown into a a pair of baby pants. 
This is a VERY easy sewing project and I think an excellent tutorial for those of you who are just starting to sew, or if this is your first refashion.
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This is a tutorial on how to make easy baby pants by refashioning a baby gown. This is how they will look when you are finished.
I used a size 0-3 month baby gown and ended with pants that were about 18-24 month.

This is a very fast project it should only take you 10-30 minutes. OK enough talk lets get to the baby pants refashion project! 
               What I used for this project

For this project you need 

1) A baby gown with elastic around the bottom.
2) Pants that fit
3) Sewing supplies. I did this by hand(faster than threading the bobbin) With a machine this will only take about 60 seconds!

Step 1
Cut a straight line across the bottom of the arms(we will not be using the arms for this project).Then remove the arms and save them for another project. *Tip Cut as close to the arms as you can saving the most fabric for your new baby pants.

Step 2
Place the pants on top of the fabric, matching the waistband of the pants with the elastic from the gown. This elastic will be the new waist band. Then Make a mark with your chalk at the crotch of the pants. I used pants that had a low crotch so my pants would come out very loose and good for around the house. 

Easy as can be!
Step 3
Cut up to the chalk mark in the fabric with your sewing scissors. 
Cut,up till you get to your chalk mark
Step 4
Turn inside out so the right sides are facing in. Then stitch up the leg, with your machine or use a good old thread and needle. Turn back right side out and press with your iron on low. *Tip try them on you baby to get the correct length. If you want you can then cuff the legs up and put in some small stitches to hold up the cuffs. You will be able to undo the stitches as your baby grows you these pants should last a long time.
In my rush to take photos before it was too dark I did not stitch my cuffs. You will she this in the photos.
And I have to tell you these Pants look so freaking cute on, I way over did it with the pictures of my little man in them.

Look at my little man! He Loves his new pants! He got mad when I kept trying to fold them hem for the photos, so I guess you need to sew them up if you prefer a little cuff.