Hi! I am Kasey.  I love to create things and make old things new again.  I have been this way my whole life.  I actually still have my first had sewn project!  She is a little blond doll who I made in my kindergarten class! My kindergarten was a little, well… out side the box.

I spent summers with my grandmother.  She refinished and reupholstered furniture.  I remember having so much fun.  I don’t remember ever having any type of protection from the fumes.  As an adult I use a mask when striping furniture.  I guess some thing have changed for the better bit since the early 80’s

When I became a Mom in late 2011 I found myself lost in a world of baby.  I needed more adult time in my life.  With the demanding baby and my unique geological location, more adult time was hard to come by. 

When I say unique geological location I mean that I live way out in the middle of the Sierra Nevada’s, I live in a little area nicknamed the Georgetown divide.  I can’t get cable T.V. out here and most cell phones don’t work with in miles of my home.   I am sure it sounds awful too a lot of people, but for me life on the divide is amazing!

My Front Yard

This blog is a way that I can use my big girl voice with out waking the baby.  I am going to shear with you all the crazy things that happen out here on the divide.  Together we will figure out how to be a Mom, while still whipping out some of the crafts that make me happy.

I hope you will join me in the adventure I call “My Life on the Divide” Please email me with any questions, advice or just to say hi.

 In this post, Why a Blog? I wrote all about why I started a blog.  If you want to read more about why I am doing this.

Thank you so much for looking