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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to Make an Easy Button Ring

I really wanted to make a ring last night, but I don't own a mandrel. So I went on line to order one one, and it was going to take two days for shipping! TWO! When I have a craft-spiration I can not wait two days... I mean really? Art waits for no one. So with a ring in one hand I started on a mission around my home, slipping the ring on random mandrel shaped items. Like the prince with Cinderella's glass slipper, I eventually found the candle stick to slip the ring on. Then it was no longer just a candle stick but a beautiful  mandrel.It was a perfect fit. Now I know just how Cinderella felt.

This is what I used to make this easy wire wrapped button ring. I used is 22 gauge, you can use any size you are comfortable working with.

Step 1
Slide your ring on to the tapered candle and make a mark. Later this mark will work as a guide for sizing your new ring. When sliding the ring on to the candle it is best to choose a ring that is one size larger than you want to make you new ring. In this wire wrapping process you will loose about 1/2 to 1 whole ring size. However if you don't have a ring that is one size larger, I will show you a trick so your ring will still work out. 

Step 2
With your wire cutters, cut a length of wire. I used about 30 inches of 22 gauge wire. I am making a size 5 ring. This length of the wire you cut will depend on how large of a ring you make and the gauge of wire you are working with.

Step 3 
Place the center of your cut wire against the back of the candle then wrap the wire twice around the candle(more times if you want a thicker ring) Leaving two even lengths of wire on both sides of the candle. 
Note: If you made your mark on the candle with a ring that fits the way you want the new ring to fit then you will do this step slightly above the mark. If you used a ring the next size up then you will work right on the mark.

Step 4
Bring the two ends of the wire together on top of the ring. Pinch them together. 
 Note: Note photographed (This is also a good time to use your pliers to tighten the wires on the candle so they are close and tight to each other._

Step 5
Slide the two wire tails through the shank of the button. Then slide the button all the way down to the base of the candle. Hold the button firmly down.
Step 6
Wrap the two tails around the back of the candle one more time. 
 I would again use your pliers to gather the all the wires and keep them as tight as I can.(not photographed)
Step 7
Pull one end of the wire out of your way so you can work with latter. Next start working the available end of wire( it should be on "top") wrap this wire around the buttons shank to cover it. Keep wrapping until you have the whole shank covered. 
Note: You can work this on or of the candle. 

Step 8 

Use the end of wire that was pulled to the side. Also know as the only wire that is left to work with..Start wire wrapping it around the ring. Wrap the wire all the way around until you get back to the top of the ring. Then wrap over the little end that remains of the other piece of wire that you used to cover the shank. When you are done if any ends of your wire are in a position that it will snag on things then you can file it down.

down a little.

That is it! You are all done and your ring should look amazing! This is how mine looks and I love it!
See how cute it is on my hand? Now you know why I love it and I am making 10 more.

Sorry for all the ring pictures, I hope you liked this tutorial. please ask me any questions you have, I will get back to you.  I love comments so even if you just want to say hi, that is ok too.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Easy DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial

Make This Easy Accessories with BUTTONS!
Button Charm Bracelet Tutorial

A little back ground info on this button bracelet tutorial
if you want to skip my "intro" and get  on with the tutorial  skip down to Step 1

I have always loved everything about buttons I find each and every one to be very special. Every button has a unique tale to tell. Like the one I have from Grandpas WWII Navy Peacoat, if it could talk...  I remember the day my Grandma gave it to me. Or  how about the one I have from my High School cheerleading uniform, I had some good times in that button.  New buttons are just as special, like the start of a new book. Their story is yet to unfold but is sure to be an amazing one.

So when I had the opportunity to shop at Lots of Buttons in Exchange for a craft tutorial.   Well I don't have to tell you how excited I was, I am sure you can guess.  I owe this opportunity to Totally Tutorials! You can find more details about the exchange program here

What will I be making with the buttons I got with my gift certificate?   
Well one of my favorite things to make is accessories!  So I am going to show you how to make multiple types of accessories with... you guessed it, buttons!  When I saw the button selection the first thing that came to mind was a charm bracelet.  They are so easy to make, and look absolutely stunning when finished.  So let's get going with the first tutorial!
This bracelet will look a little different from every angle because of how the buttons lay.

Step 1 Gather The Materials  For this project you need
(and your jewelry pliers) 
1. Buttons These are the ones I used
Gold / 34L/21mm / Single (1)Black / 40L/25mm / Single (1)Gold / 44L/28mm / Single (1)White / 40L/25mm / Single (1)
Black / 34L/21mm / Single (1) Gold / 32L/20mm / Single (1) Black / 34L/21mm / Single (1) Copper / 38L/24mm / Single (1) Black / 34L/21mm / Single (1) Copper / 38L/24mm / Single (1) Silver / 40L/25mm / Single (1) Silver / 34L/21mm / Single (1) Red-Orange / 38L/24mm / Single (1) Silver / 40L/25mm / Single (1)
I recommend using buttons with a "shank" backing.  They are easy to use and give a  finished look.
2. Jump Rings
* A good option is to get a pack with multiple size jump rings.This helps since the button shanks are all different sizes.
*oval jump rings will help the buttons lay flat, but are not necessary.
3. Chain with Clasp
*The "charm bracelet chain" like the one in my inspiration photo is a good option.  
* Different chains will produce a diffident look. Bigger chain works best with bigger buttons, while the smaller chains work best with the smaller buttons.
 4. Jewelry Pliers
*tip Using two pairs helps attach the jump rings in an easier way.

Step 2 Arrange You Buttons You will see what looks best
My button "rough draft"
Place your buttons along the length of your chain. This helps you visualize what order you want to attach the buttons to the chain.  Keep in mind that once you do attach the buttons they will hang a bit differently, do to the movement provided by the jump rings.Think of this step as a "rough draft" . 


Don't spend a lot of your time on this step, because no matter how you attach the buttons they will look amazing.  That is the beauty of this project it looks great no matter what, you can't mess it up

Step 3 Attach Buttons Now this project will come to life!
Attach the buttons to your chain with the jump rings.  Sometimes after adding a few buttons, you might want to move one and try it in a new spot.  This technique works well to produce the perfect look. *Tip If  you do move a button, remember that jump rings will start to loose their integrity the more times they are opened and closed.  So when you find the perfect location for your button make sure to use a new jump ring.

Guess what?
 That is it, you are done with this fun accessory!
The left side

That is all it takes to make this gorgeous Button Charm bracelet!

Just look how beautiful it looks from this angle!

The right side

Then some how it looks just as amazing form this angle!  

What I love most about this, its how good it looks and how easy it is to make!

Oh I almost for got... One last step
Try it on and admire your amazing work

Thank you for looking at my tutorial today.  I hope you will give this bracelet a try. If you do Please show me how yours turns out!  I would love to add your photo to my blog.
 It was fun and easy to make and I think you will agree that it is a  stunning piece to have in your collection   ENJOY!


Monday, June 25, 2012

Polka Dot Shoe Refashion

How to Refashion Your Shoes into Bright Polka Dot Shoes

One day when I was being super productive researching important things on Pintrest, I came across this shoe , it was pinned by Amy Anderson of Mof Podge Rocks(She always has the best pins!) I loved the pair and looked into buying them.  The shoe is made by Poetic Licence and they make a bunch of cute shoes, however this one was sold out. When I saw the price on the other ones and took into consideration that I don't have a job and have a new baby and a bad back... I thought maybe I should try and make them!  So I did and I am going to show you how did it, so you can make them too!  Ok then lets get started!

This is the picture that I pinned

I got pretty close with this one

Before and after, I am so proud of this..can you tell?

Ok lets get going with the tutorial

What you need
Shoe with a strap
spray paint
spray primer
acrylic paint
lacquer sealer(gloss)
Round sponge brushes
small paint brush

Steps 1-3
The easy steps

1. Tape the shoes with painters tape making sure to cover any place you don't want to spray paint.

2. Spray with primer.

3. Paint.  I did 3 very thin coats(Thin coats help prevent drips)

*Tip- Primer is not always unnecessary but it helps the paint to stick better, look better last longer and  helps with drastic color changes. So you don't have to use it.  The thing is if you skip this step and find that it was needed you will have a long road of sanding and crying.  So to be on the safe side, take the extra time to prime your shoes.

Step 4
Paint the dots

Paint the big pink and white dots. I used these awesome things to do my dot painting with.  I had to order mine because we don't have a craft store for 45 miles.  I ordered a mixed pack and I was so impressed with them, I don't think I will go back to using the black ones for painting.  A round stamp or something like that might also work. Just be sure to dip it in the paint then a practice stamp on paper to get rid of the excess, then on the shoe.

*Tip- If any of your spots turn out like this(see photo below)Touch them up with a paint brush.

Step 5
Hand paint the little dots on the strap
I think the little dots are my favorite part
The inspiration had cute little dots on the strap.  I used a small paint brush and dipped it in white paint then right on to the shoe(no getting rid of the excess on paper)

Step 6(I know this tutorial has a lot more steps than my usual easy tutorials, but were almost done)
Paint with a clear coat of Mod Podge, I used a gloss to make the shoes nice and shiny!
This helps to seal the acrylic paint onto the spay paint so it want chip off as well as giving a gloss to the finish
                                                 JUST LOOK AT THAT SHINE!

Ok I thought I done and went in to my yard taking a bunch of photos, excited to type up my post.  When I up loaded the pictures and looked at them I though what is that uuugly button?

Last step, step 7
Attach a button
I chose a button from my stash that looked most like the inspiration picture.  I just cut of the old button and hot glued the new one down.  Depending on what your shoe looks like, you may have to get a little creative on how to attach it.

Well friends that is it!  Its pretty simple to fallow the steps.  You just need to talk you time with the painting.  Making sure you don't over load your brush because that will deform your dots.  You want to use a nice spray paint like I did to help prevent any drips. I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any questions please ask!
It was such a nice day that I got carried away with my photos

Well friends thank you for looking


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Easy Chevron Cuff Bracelet, How To

 Easy Chevron Cuff Bracelet, how to make one quick! Step by step  tutorial

I had this fabulous jacket laying around. What do you think?  It was a gift back in...a long time ago
This was actually from wet Seal
 I did not want the leather to wind up in a landfill so I have dectied to refashion it!  I want to make as much as I can out of this jacket.  Today's refashion is how to make an easy chevron ombre cuff  bracelet.  I cut it up!

            I always like to show a quick Before and After before I get to the tutorial

Step 1
I cut it up!
Seriously be as careful as you can, you want to save as much of the leather as you can. You never know what you can make with a little scrap.
Photos 1-4 ,  my deconstructing this old Wet Seal jacket that will so be a Ombre Chevron cuff Bracelet for your wardrobe

Step 2
find the best piece for you to work with.  This all depends on your preference in cuff bracelet size
If you are a visual learner then you will see from this collage that I found a section of leather and trimmed it off 
If you prefer to read
I will walk you thorugh the photos above
1, I found a pocket
2. Opened it up and saw that the inside trim was perfect sizes and shape for my soon to be chevron cuff bracelet
3. tried the leather piece away very carefully.
4.The I had a nice piece of leather to work with, that was once the inside of a jacket.

This is how I got it into the shape needed and added a backing
visual learners have you way with my photos
Steps to adding the backing
1. Cut the strip of leather as straight as you can, leave it a bit larger than you would like(leather shrinks with heat, we will be using heat, I am a LAZY crafter)
2. Cut some fabric that will be your lining(I used part of some linen pants I cut up years ago)
3. Now make a sandwich.  Leather, Iron on fusing, top it of with your lining.
not shown in the photos next you will iron it all together according to the directions on you fusing(or stitch witchery).
4. then trim it all up, making it pretty!

Step 4
Now add the chevrons with tape (I suggest painters tap,I was out...donations are welcome)
Tip: Make a guide line down the center, this will help keep the tape centered.  You can do this by making a slight indention 

How to add the tape
1. Make a right angle with two pieces of tape
2.Line up all your right angle to make things easier them all down very carefully, stay as lined up and centered as you can(do not press them        down to firm yet)
4. Now remove every other piece of tape, like in photo 4.  Then pres the remaining tape down very well, paying extra attention to the edges.  This way your paint will not leak under the tape and ruin your whole project leading you to cry.

Step 5
How to add the paint.
Tip: add the pain in an up and down tapping motion. This will help paint leaking under the tap, leading to crying.(photo1)
 Steps to add the paint
This is the part in the process that you need to use your own creativity.  I will describe how I added the paint.
1. Add a strip of the dark color, it is best to use a up and down tapping motion.
  1.1 Next mix some white and paint a middle line of with the same up and down tapping motion.
  1.2 Lats use the white and add very little of the darker color, make a third line. of the lightest color.
2. Photo two is how mine looked.  You may choose to use more or less paint depending on how dark you want it to be.  Less paint will make a less dramatic effect.
3. After letting the pain soak into the leather for a few moments.  Then use a dry sponge to absorb the extra paint.
4. After letting that paint dry a touch more, VERY carefully remove the tape.

Step 6
Finish it up!
Let it dry over night
This is how I finished mine up, I left mine kinda long so I could use it on my wrist or ankle!

1. this is how mine looked in the morning when I got up.
2. You have a lot of options on how to finish the bracelet, I have shown a few in photo 2
3. I chose to fold a leather strip under each side and then sew it down
4. TA-Da, that is how mine turned out! What do you think?

So what do you think of my bracelet? I hope you like it and will give it a try. Please leave a comment letting me know your thoughts.  If you have any questions please email me and I will do my best to help you out.

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