Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I am Going to Dress For Change

A Project raising funds to make dresses for unprivileged girls in Africa

I stumbled across this Dress for Change project and I was instantly intrigued. What was it I thought? Well I looked into it and found out that it is a brilliant idea that a young woman named Sheyanne Root has come up with. She needed to do a High School senior project for graduation(fun) Because she likes fashion and helping others she came up with the Dress for change project.
Pick your black dress now!

Now she started a Dress For Change Blog and you can read all the details there. However I will sum it up for you. She is asking for us to first sign up with her and donate $5. The hard part is you commit to wearing the same black dress for a week (the week of April 1st-7th). Now the best part; for each woman who signs up for this challenge Sheyanne will make a dress for a little girl in Africa who is in need.

New house :)
I will be moving that week into a new home. So some how I just don't think wearing a dress all week will be appropriate in anyway. So I am going to opt for pants and a top. Then I will blog about all my adventures in my  black dress black pants and top on my blog! I hope you will all do the same to help promote this challenge Sheyanne is doing, because I believe it can help a lot of girls.

Recap, you need to donate $5 to the Dress for a Change Project, rock a black dress for the week of April 1st-7th and this awesome young woman will make a dress with your $5 and send it to a little girl in Africa who really needs it! Awesome right?
This is what my outfit will look like  plus 40 lbs

So I want you to now go to her blog, sign up for the challenge and help save little girls one dress at a time!