Sunday, April 28, 2013

Best of Galaxy Tutorials

DIY Galaxy Tutorials Roundup

I saw some galaxy jeans a while ago and fell in love with them. I thought; I am soooo going to make those! Then when I looked online I realized that I was wayyy behind on this galaxy trend, nothing new. My fellow bloggers have been posting some fabulous DIY galaxy tutorials for over a year now. I decided to show you some of my favorite  galaxy trend tutorials. So I tracked down some of the best DIY Galaxy Tutorials on the web and made a cute little DIY galaxy graphic(easier than a whole tutorial).And there you have it. 
So I hope you enjoy looking at these fabulous tutorial as much as I did. They all used a different techniques to achieve the galaxy look So if you decide to make your own Galaxy jeans, shorts or even home item. Well you have plenty of tutorials here to get ideas from. 

Note: If you decide to DIY some galaxy item I would love a picture of it to post on this will blog of mine. If you have a DIY galaxy tutorial on you blog that I missed and you would like included in my list, please send me a link.

1) DIY Skinny Jeans by Eliva Hellena  @
I love how she did these skinny jeans, they have a lot of steps but that makes them look really unique. I think they are the only DIY Galaxy jeans I found that look like they have moons on them, that is so cool!

2) Galaxy Nails - Nail Art Tutorial by pretty squared  @
I think these nails look amazing, as well as the photos. I think this is the best Galaxy Nail Art on the web! Some of her nails are pink and some are darker, a lot of work went into these.

The way she did her jeans makes them look professorial, I really love this pair. Thy are very "galaxy" but not over the top. Perfect for a low key day.

4) DIY Galaxy Print Blouse  from lets get thrifty
I like how this would work on any style top. You could use her DIY galaxy technique on a top like the one she used, or on another shape top that you might already have. 
diy galaxy cosmic print shirt'
5) DIY Galaxy Designer leggings Tutorial @talking trash & wasting time
This tutorial is unlike all the others. I like the result and that this is leggings because they are so versatile.
DIY Galaxy leggings tights tutorial finished print design

6) DIY Galay Print @ beauty lab

This tutorial is not in English, but that is not a problem at all, just push the translate button and your good to go. You can fallow her DIY Galay tutorial and have a new shirt in no time.

7) How to make galaxy candle holders @
This is the only tutorial I am shearing that is not a clothing item, its candle holders! I think you could use this technique on other household items as well. This is very unique and I love it.

8) DIY Galaxy Skirt @
WOO HOO this skirt is sexy sexy! I love it! She did such a good job on it. I know that if I try her technique that I will need to do it on somthing a little bit longer. She ROCKS this skirt though. I know you will just love how quick and easy her DIY galaxy skirt tutorial is.
9)How to make a galaxy scarf @ - In the loop
I love this idea! I think this is a perfect way to add some galaxy DIY into your life with out going to the extreme  This would be nice for work or party. how to make a galaxy scarf

10) DIY Galaxy Shirt  @ Stars for Streetlights
Over at this blog Stars for Streetlights she has a bunch of DIY Galaxy Tutorials! I picked the one I liked the most, but they are all prefect! You should go checkout her blog and see what Tutorial you like the most.
DIY Galaxy Shirt
11) DIY Galaxy Prints @ gave that
Of all the DIY Galaxy print tutorials that I posted here this is the only one that has a video. So If you are the type that prefer to watch your tutorial, then this is the one for you.DIY Galaxy Print shirt with Risto scarf how to video painting tutorial

Friday, April 26, 2013

DIY The Easy Bralette Nursing Top

How to rafashion an maternity tank into a nursing top

 This is an easy top to make out of a few items you probably have laying around. Because of the shape of this nursing top I think it is a perfect one to make with one of your old maternity tops. With this you can turn a maternity tank into a nursing tank that will cover your belly right after delivery.  If I could go back in time I would make this nursing tank in my last month so I would have it as soon as I got home from the hospital.
The best part about this top is that you can nures with it from two different positions  You can easily pull the  top down reveling the holes in the bralette, for baby. Or you can lift from the bottom of the tank section reveling the bralette to nurse, shown in the  photo below. Either way your breast will be covered while nursing. (I am wearing a burgundy undershirt to keep this page PG)

This is a diagram of how you lift the top portion to nurse

Or Pull down to nurse

The thing I used to make this top. You also need basic sewing supplies. 

Step 1

I cut two holes in the bralette located at the nipple. The best way to find the best location is to try the bra on and use chalk to make a small mark, then cut the location that you marked. This fabric did not need to be hemmed to prevent fraying.

Step 2

Cut the large top above the arm holes, leaving room for a hem if you want. I just cut at the arm holes.
Step 3

Attach the original hem of the large t-shirt to the bralette. Pin and stitch using a zig-zag stitch. Bunch the T-shirt so that it will fit and this will create pleating on the shirt.

After the two pieces are attached the top should look like the photo below.
 *Note I still have the bottom pinned in this photo; I had planned on hemming it. Then I changed my mind and decided to create a different hem line as well as not hemming the shirt.
Step 4
I cut the t-shirt at an angle to create a high-low hem.
Step 6
Next start working on the tank top. Cut the top part off, this will become the part that covers the bust. The length of this will be different for everyone. The best way to determine the length is to try the tank top on and mark with chalk the location to cut. Keep the top portion for this project and save the bottom for another day.
Step 7
Pin and stitch the strip of fabric along the bottom of the tank top. Only attach it 1/2 to 3/4 way around the tank. This leaves the strip unattached at the back. *NOTE you can see a better picture below of how this should look when the fabric strip is attached.
I told you I would have a better picture. The tank top should look somthing like this after you sew the strip of fabric on.
So at this point in the project you will have two parts. One part will go under the other. The gray tank will go on top of the bralette, covering the nursing holes. 

When layered they will look like this 

NOTE; you can attach the gray tank to the bralette, but for this post I left them unattached. I think this makes washing easier.

Then you are all done. Now you have a fabulous nursing top. This is how it looks on! I hope you like it.