Thursday, August 9, 2012

Easy DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial

Make This Easy Accessories with BUTTONS!
Button Charm Bracelet Tutorial

A little back ground info on this button bracelet tutorial
if you want to skip my "intro" and get  on with the tutorial  skip down to Step 1

I have always loved everything about buttons I find each and every one to be very special. Every button has a unique tale to tell. Like the one I have from Grandpas WWII Navy Peacoat, if it could talk...  I remember the day my Grandma gave it to me. Or  how about the one I have from my High School cheerleading uniform, I had some good times in that button.  New buttons are just as special, like the start of a new book. Their story is yet to unfold but is sure to be an amazing one.

So when I had the opportunity to shop at Lots of Buttons in Exchange for a craft tutorial.   Well I don't have to tell you how excited I was, I am sure you can guess.  I owe this opportunity to Totally Tutorials! You can find more details about the exchange program here

What will I be making with the buttons I got with my gift certificate?   
Well one of my favorite things to make is accessories!  So I am going to show you how to make multiple types of accessories with... you guessed it, buttons!  When I saw the button selection the first thing that came to mind was a charm bracelet.  They are so easy to make, and look absolutely stunning when finished.  So let's get going with the first tutorial!
This bracelet will look a little different from every angle because of how the buttons lay.

Step 1 Gather The Materials  For this project you need
(and your jewelry pliers) 
1. Buttons These are the ones I used
Gold / 34L/21mm / Single (1)Black / 40L/25mm / Single (1)Gold / 44L/28mm / Single (1)White / 40L/25mm / Single (1)
Black / 34L/21mm / Single (1) Gold / 32L/20mm / Single (1) Black / 34L/21mm / Single (1) Copper / 38L/24mm / Single (1) Black / 34L/21mm / Single (1) Copper / 38L/24mm / Single (1) Silver / 40L/25mm / Single (1) Silver / 34L/21mm / Single (1) Red-Orange / 38L/24mm / Single (1) Silver / 40L/25mm / Single (1)
I recommend using buttons with a "shank" backing.  They are easy to use and give a  finished look.
2. Jump Rings
* A good option is to get a pack with multiple size jump rings.This helps since the button shanks are all different sizes.
*oval jump rings will help the buttons lay flat, but are not necessary.
3. Chain with Clasp
*The "charm bracelet chain" like the one in my inspiration photo is a good option.  
* Different chains will produce a diffident look. Bigger chain works best with bigger buttons, while the smaller chains work best with the smaller buttons.
 4. Jewelry Pliers
*tip Using two pairs helps attach the jump rings in an easier way.

Step 2 Arrange You Buttons You will see what looks best
My button "rough draft"
Place your buttons along the length of your chain. This helps you visualize what order you want to attach the buttons to the chain.  Keep in mind that once you do attach the buttons they will hang a bit differently, do to the movement provided by the jump rings.Think of this step as a "rough draft" . 


Don't spend a lot of your time on this step, because no matter how you attach the buttons they will look amazing.  That is the beauty of this project it looks great no matter what, you can't mess it up

Step 3 Attach Buttons Now this project will come to life!
Attach the buttons to your chain with the jump rings.  Sometimes after adding a few buttons, you might want to move one and try it in a new spot.  This technique works well to produce the perfect look. *Tip If  you do move a button, remember that jump rings will start to loose their integrity the more times they are opened and closed.  So when you find the perfect location for your button make sure to use a new jump ring.

Guess what?
 That is it, you are done with this fun accessory!
The left side

That is all it takes to make this gorgeous Button Charm bracelet!

Just look how beautiful it looks from this angle!

The right side

Then some how it looks just as amazing form this angle!  

What I love most about this, its how good it looks and how easy it is to make!

Oh I almost for got... One last step
Try it on and admire your amazing work

Thank you for looking at my tutorial today.  I hope you will give this bracelet a try. If you do Please show me how yours turns out!  I would love to add your photo to my blog.
 It was fun and easy to make and I think you will agree that it is a  stunning piece to have in your collection   ENJOY!



  1. Found you through 5 days of PR for bloggers. Just wanted to say hi. :)

  2. Wonderful Idea! Thanks!

    LG Klaudia(Germany)

  3. So pretty! I've made my own button bracelet but it's all metallic. Yours is so fun with all the different colors!

    1. I like your way too! I think any combo looks good, you can't go wrong with buttons.

  4. LOVE this! I always see buttons like this at Goodwill and Yardsales, now I am going to start paying more attention to them.

    1. Thank you for looking I know you are so busy, glad you liked it

  5. I LOVE buttons and your bracelet is fantastic!! I have a little collection and will be checking for shanks. Thank you for this detailed tutorial.

    1. Frances I would LOVE to see what you make! It is so easy to make, it only took me about an hour including taking photos!
      Thank you so much for looking at my tutorial today.

  6. This is so creative!! Thanks for posting a tutorial!

    I also wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check it out:

  7. Awesome! It is both stylish and sentimental with the family heritage pieces.

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog earlier today. I've been clicking trough some of your previous projects and am equally impressed. The shoe refashion, nursing top, and burp rag/newborn hat pillow were a few of my favorites You certainly have an eye for refashions. Good job!

  8. Button bracelets are unique. But they are challenging to make. Thanks to your post though, readers can now start making one easily.