Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Refashion a shirt into vest

  How to make a easy no-sew vest out of any shirt

My New dip dyed vest refashioned from a shirt
This is my fancy before and after photo!  I made it with picMonkey.  I love PicMonkey so far!(A funny side note, Anonymous left me a comment saying this was a badly placed add.  I had to laugh because this is not an add, just my opinion.  PicMonkey has no idea that my little blog even exists.  I just love them and like to spread the word, Maybe I should publish the comment? what do you all think?)

Before and after shirt to vest refashion

This is the shirt I started with, it was a thrift store special.  I liked because of the dip dye effect.  I used my vest "formula" on this shirt to make it a fun ombre vest.  So fallow along and you can make one too! 
 I have a method I always use to refashion shirts into vests.  It will always work.  It can make any shirt into the perfect drapey vest. (Well so far it has always worked).

 I came up with this vest "method" by dissecting a favorite vest of mine.  Then using it as a template.  I used the template a few times and on a few different style shirts and realized it always works.  I like how it works the most on V-neck shirts.

So now I want to share my t-shirt to vest method with you. So you can make yourself a simple no-sew drapey vest.

I am sure I am not the inventor of this method.  It is so simple that I am sure a lot of people use it.  The original vest I used to make the pattern was a brand named Poetry. So lets get started!

Step one
Remove sleeves, bottom hem and cut down the middle.  
This shirt has some ugly studs on it, so I also removed them.  I was not sure how I was going to handle this because I don't usually have to remove more than the selves and bottom hem.
When removing the weird fake studs I was surprised with black fabric.

I was surprised when I removed the ugly studs that the fabric under them was good looking.  In this close up picture  you can see how it looked when I removed the studs.
I liked the raw edge that was left after removing the studs.

Step 2
I like to make my vests a racer back, I feel it is more flattering.  So I use a racer back  that fits well as a guide.(my old vest)  Lay the guide top over the one you want to cut, then trace with chalk.

 I cut only one side away with my rotary cutter. Then I use the cut out scrap portion as a stencil for the other side.(this helps make sure the two sides are the same.  After cutting away both arm holes you should have a racer back.

See how I cut from the top seam to the bottom making a "c" shape

Step 3
After the arms holes are cut into a racer back.  Then fold the vest long ways.  Use the seams from the old shirt to line everything up.

My dog selfishly got hair all over

Then chalk the bottom with a nice curve to show off the bum bum.(this is my favorite part of making the vest.  You can  go as dramatic as you want with this cut, making the back as short as you want.   I used my favorite vest to help guide me.  Then cut along the chalk line with your rotary cutter.

I love the look this cut gives.  It makes the back of the vest shorter and the front longer and drapey

TA-DA there you have it! A very easy and fast no-sew vest.  I love how this one turned out.  I hope you like it and I hope you will give this a try.

DIY dip dye vest

 I really loved the raw edges that were left after I removed the studs, so I just left it.

Raw edges left after removing the studds

In this picture you can see well how the back looks after I made the half circle cut.

Well I hope you liked my second refashion in my 30 day challenge.

I hope you will try to make one of these because they are so easy and fun and always turn out well.  If you do please send me a picture and let me know how it turned out!

I am liking up at hope studios

This post turned out to be my ver first feature! I was featured over at the Refashion files, an awesome new blog.  I am so excited Yay me!