Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Minute In My Life Monday

A Day in my Life? How About a Minute?

I am standing about 8 inches away from my very large TV. Why so close? This is the only way I can even partially hear it. I have been trying to catch the end of this movie for a few days now. The baby is slamming his toy on the windowsill while he screams as loud as he can some random baby babble. As for the dogs, well they are running in circles barking at the air like fools, this is pretty normal. I am using my new gift that came with motherhood and tuning all this noise out in hopes of being able to listen to the last minute of this movie. A movie that I have already re-wound a number of times in the past half hour alone.

While standing there trying to watch the end of this movie, I realize that this is probably the only moment in the day, if not the week, that I will not be holding my baby. So I take advantage of the few seconds I have and pull out my pony tail holder and let my hair down. I try to finger comb out the gigantic knot that has developed in my hair. Keep in mind my hair is still falling out in huge globs since giving birth. Finger combing is not putting much of a dent in the gigantic  knot. I started thinking about how I got this nasty knot in my hair... again this year. Something that has been occurring ever since having the little man.

Yesterday when the baby was in my arms, naked he had a number two type of accident. So the two of us jumped into the shower. I was so concerned with getting us sanitized that I forgot to remove my pony tail and wash my hair. Then when we got out of the shower I realized we only had one clean towel! DAMN IT! I thought as I dried the baby with the only towel. I whipped my hair into a bun while I dripped dried. I pulled my clothes on to my wet body holding a squirming baby. Simultaneously yelling at his Dad “stop that damn drumming, you need to watch this baby so I can start some laundry”. Obviously someone needed to start a load of towels and baby Daddy had told me his hands will fall off if he has to do this.

DAMN IT AGAIN! I totally lose track of the movie, again while I was thinking back on how I got this stupid knot in my hair. So as I try to bang the battery section on the back of the remote; so I can rewind. I notices a big wad of hair accumulating in my hands from my finger combing. Deciding that I was getting know where fast with that and opted to put my hair back up. Something other than the TV caught my eye. Shocking as I was standing right in front of a HUGE TV. You see we live on the side of a mountain and have a wall that is all windows; I guess the idea with that is so you can always have a great view of the mountains. But that is not what caught my eye. It was my extremely handsome man who was outside the wall of windows. Well actually his arms are what caught my eye, he was loading his drums into his truck, I guess this takes some muscle flexing. Just as I was admiring him and thinking about all my love for him. The TV quickly tuned out and the sounds of the dogs barking and the baby yelling all came rushing back to me. They were loud, so loud that I can’t believe I had them tuned out. I realized that the baby was yelling DAAADY!. Ahhh, now I know why they were all being so loud. They were all trying to get Daddy’s attention through the window. I noticed he was oblivious to the family trying to get his attention from inside the house. I picked up the baby and noticed the TV… the credits were playing.