Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to paint suede shoes, an easy shoe Refashion

How to paint suede shoes, an easy shoe Refashion

Shoe refashion
Well...this is my before and after photo, they look even worse than I remember! These Sued flats were in serious need of a shoe redo!  A little fun fact about me, shoes was my first word.  So as you can imagine these old nine west's needed a face lift!  
I had some suede leather shoes and suede is fun to paint!
Step 1
Paint the shoes, let dry (fabric, acrylic or spray paint will all work, test a section on your specific fabric)
*Tip When painting suede, I have learned that it works best if you use a small amount of paint and work it into the leather.  Instead of "on top" of the leather.
Step 2
Add shine with Gloss Mod Podge to the trim and let that dry.
 I painted the shoes then after they dry I added a thick layer of Mod Podge

TA-DASo what do you think of my easy peasy how to paint refashion?
This is a nice simple easy shoe refashion.  I like it... I wanted to LOVE it
You could stop here and be done. I seriously considered it. So you can do that if you want, but I wanted to show you how with a few more easy steps you can take this easy shoe redo one step further.  

Ready? Alright part two of the easy shoe refashion

Step 3
Make an embeliment for your updated shoes.
I think the picture shows how best but I will try and describe how to make the easy shoe embellishment.

Use a long head pin, load it up with ribbon. (I used this double ruffled ribbon) When you work your way half way through, loading the headpin(in a sewing fashion) add a button.  Then continue to load the ribbon on to the head pin.

When your all done cut the Ribbon. form a circle out of your ribbon, fold the wire as shown in the photo and attach to the shoe as shown in the photo!

And your done! TA-DA then you have a pair of flats that can be worn two different ways.

This is how the flats will look with the embellishment attached, but if you want to go more simple...

Then you can just pull of the ribbon!Go simple. So this is like two new shoes in one!

So what do you think? I love this refashion, I think it worked out so good! Even my boyfriend liked them, well he didn't say that.  I could tell because he usually says "that looks good too" or "both ways are fine, I don't CARE!" when I ask him about my refashions.  But when he saw these (I didn't even ask) But today he asked, "How did you paint those?" "Is that going to be your post today?" "I never even knew that they made fabric paint!"

So if baby daddy is excited about the refashion, then well you should be too.  ;)  I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial about how to paint suede shoes and refashion them into something fabulous.

Please let me know your thought.