Saturday, June 30, 2012

Display Your New Born Hat, On A Pillow?

A unique way to display and use your babies new born hats and burp cloths.  Make a pillow!

I got these burp cloths when I was pregnant.  They were so cute and soft I could not resist.  That was before I knew what was really needed in burp cloths and promptly switched to cloth diapers for a burp cloth like all the other Mom's out there.  I just loved these little ones that I had thought, because they are so cute and soft.  I looked at them trying to figure out what I could make with them and thought, PILLOW?!

Ok here we go

What you need
Filling(Often find good deals at thrift stores)
Two sided burp cloth
Seam Ripper

Step 1
Get to seam ripping, make a small hole to put your filling in.  I had to remove a tag so I used the spot that the tag was located.

Step 2
Stuff your soon to be pillow, fill it up very well so it wont flatten out when your baby lays on it.
Step 3
Pin the little hole and stitch it closed with a needle and thread
A little liquid stitch will help prevent the old thread from unraveling, JUST A DAB!
You could use the glue to close the pillow if you are especially lazy

Step 4
This step is optional in your pillow making process.
Attach your cute matching New Born hat to what ever side of your pillow you like.  I could not decide, so I pined it to both sides and looked and thought and looked and thought.  I chose the blue side and I did not have a thread that I liked so I used a few stitches on the bottom layer of the hat for the photos.  If I had the correct thread I would use a Whipstitch.

And that is it! A super easy way to make a pillow and show of a baby hat of yours!  Hope you enjoyed this tutorial

And the other side...