Monday, June 18, 2012

Baby Gown Refashion, Make new baby PJ's out of old ones

How to refashion a baby gown into a new pair of baby pajamas

How to make this baby short set out of a baby gown 
Today's tutorial is a very easy baby gown refashion.  I am going to show you step by step how to make an old baby gown into new baby short and top set.  My little man loves it!(I can read his mind)
Before a size 0-3month gown, after 12 month short set

I know that the thought of having to sew somthing can be intemadating.  It can lead you in a quest of "the No-sew-refashions"  I try and post a lot of them, to help ease you intimidated seamstresses into the idea of having to sew.  Well this project dose require some sewing and no you probably can't get away with stitch witchery.  Believe me it will only take you 5 minuets with a needle and thread, you can do it.

Ok lets get started then!

You will Need
I love how soft this is, but baby T hated that he can't crawl in it
 I picked a baby gown that had soft fabric that would work perfect for the baby to sleep in with out getting over heated.  I used one that said size 0-3 and it refashioned in a size 12 month.

Step 1
Lay a top that has a length you like and a pair of shorts that fit your baby well on top of the baby gown.  Put the waist of the shorts at the elastic on the bottom of the gown(this elastic will become the top of the shorts) Mark with chalk under the top.

Step 2


Step 3
Make a small cut in the new shorts, pin and sew(the sewing was so minimal I did it by hand!)  It was only about 20 stitches!That means that you, yes you can do it!

Step 4
Fold up the arms and legs to make the appropriate length for your baby.  Put a few stitches in the folds to help keep the hems up.  I then used a little piece of the old trim as a embellishment on the sleeves.(see below) * Safety Tip When adding anything to baby clothing be sure to stitch it very well and always check that it is still stitched down well when laundering the garment.
For safety make sure to sew down anything you put on baby clothing VERY well and check often for loose threads.
Now his legs are free to crawl, he loved staying up late with me taking pictures.
This picture is so funny, He was very happy to show of the new jammies

He sure had fun being my model for the day! 
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