Monday, February 27, 2012

DIY maternity band upcycled from tank

In my second trimester I could no longer fit into my shirts, or most of Big T’s shirts. We hit the dollar day at one of my favorite thrift stores and picked up this girls dress made by guess. (I some how lost the before pictures.)  Last thing I remember was texting them to my Sister Kristen and we were discussing who got the better thrift store score that week.  So I am surprised that with my enthusiasm for this garment that I lost he photos.  Sorry I will do better next time (no one is reading this blog yet any way)  Any way it looked a lot like this before.( I am not sure how to give credit to who ever made this dress sorry I’m new still)

So this refashion was so simple!  All I had to do was get out my super Fiskers and cut the little black and gray striped tshirt out from under the black part.  So When I tried on the black part and saw how perfect it was I decided that no more work was needed.

TaDa! You have it a super easy girls dress refashion to maternity/nursing top. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Today is day 4!

So I have made it 4 days!  That is not long at all, but considering how sick I have been and the baby and all the other things... well its something.

Anyway I am so excited to post my projects up here in the next few days.  I am hoping that people can get some use out of my blog.  I don't know if anyone other than myself will benefit from my weird rambling but I hope that I can give some inspiration to a few peeps.

Any who, its so late and I am sick and have no page views yet so I don't feel dragging out this post is incredibility important.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sicky poos

Day 3

Ok here I am on day three, sick with my whole family.  I feel spicily bad for getting little Shipoopi sick with his first cold, I guess it had to happen sometime.  He seams to be handling it much better poise and dignity than me . I am now totally high on a mix of Dayquil and and….what was I doing? 
I am posting my day three challenge post.  Exciting it is not :( however I do have a great DIY belly band / nursing top tutorial I am going to post as soon as this evil cold is gone.

So bloging is super hard!

I just started this blog yesterday, so it is something very new to me.  I challenged my self to post something every day for a month. Thinking that posting everyday for a month would make some type of profound change in my life.  I am not sure that it will make any change in my life at all, never mind a profound one!

 Never the less this is the challenge I set for my self and so here I sit on day two… already having a hard time with my post.

On the bright side, I have infact had a change in my life already.  What is that change you ask?  Well I learned something; I have learned that blogging is super hard! 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm a mom

Why a blog?

So why am I starting this blog. 

I am a new Mom and as any new or experienced Mom will tell you it’s a hard exhausting 24-7 job.  So why would I, one of the laziest people in the word, want to add another project to my life?

Well I guess it all started when I realized that being a Mom was a hard exhausting 24-7 job, its life consuming.  For me it is anyway.  I almost immediately felt that my little bundle of joy sucked the life out of me.  He took the “me” away from me.  Yes I love him and he is a wonderful new light of my life.  But some how he became my whole life.

I stared to feel like I am nothing but a robot who tends to a pooping, peeing, puking and periodically screaming machine.  It made me want to scream too, only I can not scream louder than the pee pee machine.

I decided that I needed to get back to being me.  I needed to CRAFT!  So I ran out and got some new scissors and yarn.  Well guess what?  That stuff is still sitting on my kitchen table.  I guess the yarn is also waiting for me to find myself again. 

So I found I needed a push.  I went to the Dr for my check up after pushing out the little miracle.  When I told the Dr how I felt she suggested I try Zoloft.  I took her advice… in a few weeks I still felt like a machine that took care of the little pee pee man only now I had the burden of feeling sweaty all day long and not being able to pee.

So I stopped the little pills real quick and then came up with a new solution.  So here it goes, I am giving myself a push.  I am going to blog about my crafts.  So now I can’t just leave them sting on the table. I will have you to answer too.  I know that “you” are not anyone yet but I am going to pretend that you are.  So as I pretend in my head that my fans need my crafts this blog is my plan to make me whole again.