Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Why a blog?

So why am I starting this blog. 

I am a new Mom and as any new or experienced Mom will tell you it’s a hard exhausting 24-7 job.  So why would I, one of the laziest people in the word, want to add another project to my life?

Well I guess it all started when I realized that being a Mom was a hard exhausting 24-7 job, its life consuming.  For me it is anyway.  I almost immediately felt that my little bundle of joy sucked the life out of me.  He took the “me” away from me.  Yes I love him and he is a wonderful new light of my life.  But some how he became my whole life.

I stared to feel like I am nothing but a robot who tends to a pooping, peeing, puking and periodically screaming machine.  It made me want to scream too, only I can not scream louder than the pee pee machine.

I decided that I needed to get back to being me.  I needed to CRAFT!  So I ran out and got some new scissors and yarn.  Well guess what?  That stuff is still sitting on my kitchen table.  I guess the yarn is also waiting for me to find myself again. 

So I found I needed a push.  I went to the Dr for my check up after pushing out the little miracle.  When I told the Dr how I felt she suggested I try Zoloft.  I took her advice… in a few weeks I still felt like a machine that took care of the little pee pee man only now I had the burden of feeling sweaty all day long and not being able to pee.

So I stopped the little pills real quick and then came up with a new solution.  So here it goes, I am giving myself a push.  I am going to blog about my crafts.  So now I can’t just leave them sting on the table. I will have you to answer too.  I know that “you” are not anyone yet but I am going to pretend that you are.  So as I pretend in my head that my fans need my crafts this blog is my plan to make me whole again.