Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY Reversible Arrow Necklace

I often get asked "how do I paint suede?" While trying to write a halfway acceptable post on how to paint suede, I somehow came up with this tutorial. A reversible painted suede necklace. Oh and the answer is YES, you can paint suede, this tutorial will show you how...kinda and soon I will come up with a better tutorial on painting suede.
DIY arrow necklace 
 I love all the arrow and leather jewelry that is in style right now. I combined those two ideas in creating this this easy DIY necklace tutorial. 
DIY arrow Necklace

When I made this project painted suede bracelet I had a lot of leather left over.  So I want to make some projects using the smaller scraps. I hope this will inspire you to upcycle any leather you might have laying around. 
Reversible Arrow Necklace
OK, gather your materials 
Pictures of what I used to make my painted suede necklace

I was going to use the chain photographed but I switched to a sterling silver chain and jump rings
                                                                Step 1 
Make a Stencil
I just drew an arrow free hand on a thick piece of paper(thats why its all ghetto looking). Then I carefully cut it out with scissors. If you are not comfortable drawing an arrow then you can also use a normal stencil or print one out for free from the internet.

Step 2

Trace Your Stencil
Trace the arrow on the leather. Try and do this on the edge so you save as much leather as you can for another project.

Step 3

Cut Out Your Arrow
Cut the arrow out of the leather  I just used sewing scissors for the arrow. Then I used an X-Acto knife to cut out the thin details in the back.

Step 4 

Prime the leather
You don't have to prime the leather.Suede leather sucks up paint. If you prime it before you put your color on less of it will be sucked up and it will glide on better. I primed mine with plain white acrylic paint. 

*Tip Leather has 2 sides, one will is more smooth and one is more textured. The more you prime the less the texture will show.

Step 5 Paint One Side

Paint one side how ever you want With acrylic paint. I used a brush that left thick brush marks on the arrow. You could use a sponge brush for smooth look. Like the way I painted these suede shoes 
Step 6 Nail Polish Time
When the acrylic paint drys. Flip the arrow over and paint the second side with silver nail polish. Paint the more textured side of the leather so the leather will look more like metal. (the silver and texture together create this look)
Step 7 Silver Trim(optional)
After the silver nail polish side dries. Flip the arrow back over (purple side up) Then paint a silver trim all the way around. This adds dimension. *tip You could also add stripes or dots
 Step 8 
Poke holes for jump rings.

Attach your jump rings and chain. Then you are all done with this cute double sided necklace.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tattler Thursday Blog Hop #13

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Inspiration

I am so happy that it is August! I have a lot of tutorials planned for this month. This is a quick look at the type of jewelry that is inspiring me right now. I am in love with the modern friendship  bracelet, bright colors and tube beads.
Click on the links below to go to the original page

The tutorials that I am going to be publishing this month will reflect this inspiration board. I will show you how to make some items that look very close to the original inspiration. Some items will just have a hint of the inspiration piece.

I am also very inspired by some of the fashion trends like cut out tops and tie dyed. I will have a few DIY refashion tutorials coming up in August as well.