Sunday, May 27, 2012

how to Refashion a Smocked Top into a Draped Back Top

Before and after, not that special.  Wanna see the back?
Ok the back is what makes the top special!  So what do you think!  I took a bunch of after photos:)

Sassy right?
Well then lets get right into it!  If you can't tell I have a thing for clothing items with smocking, I love to buy them to refashion.  They can work for tops, waist bands, headbands and even...yes even a bra in a pinch.

Step one

You need
1. Smock top with a hem
2. Ribbon
4. Safety Pin
3. Necklace(or other fun embellishment)

Step two
Mark with chalk the spots that you want the the ribbon to show. The best way to find the spots is to put the top on and mark it with chalk.
See my two chalk marks on the top I am upcycling into an open back top

Step three
Cut a slit at both the chalk marks.  Then slide your ribbon in one of the slits and pull it all the way around through the new "ribbon casing".  Then when you get back to the start tie it in a knot or stitch them together(after trying it on an making sure the measurement is right).  
Hide this knot in the casing AKA hem. You must try this on, and make sure it works before finishing it off.  Depending on you, your top and your body this might need to be done with elastic, and ribbon.(email me if you need help doing it that way) I only needed ribbon

This is how it should look with just the ribbon added.  You can leave it like this is you want.
Now add the necklace or another fun embellishments you like. Make sure the chain is longer than the ribbon.

TA-DA! This is how the back will look when you are finished!
The back of the refashioned smock top

So what do you think?  This is how it looks from the front! Very slimming for my postpartum belly!

And the back!