Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Fun in the sun

I am showing this picture of my belly because it is my blog and I can do what I want.  Well kinda.  I wrote up what I thought was a pretty good tutorial yesterday.  Yesterday was also this super cool eclipse.  So I added a bit of personal info in my tutorial.  

It went something like this.  The sun was so cool today  this is a few rad pictures I got.  Fun, now lets go to the tutorial.  Anywho* I wanted to shear that tutorial with another blog on this world wide web and guess what.  That is right! They couldn't care less about my fun in the sun crap and only wanted to see the fancy tutorial.  I guess that makes a lot o  since.

So being that I spent about 4 hours editing the sun pictures I didn't just delete them.  I posted them here.  So if you want to look at the cool solar eclipse, then this is the post for you. enjoy.

The sun made some cool crescent shapes the on the wall then I took some photos of how silly our reflections looked.

Total Solar Eclipse 5-20-12
So we had a little fun with that. It made taking the "refashion" photos a more exciting process than usual. Most of the time the photo sessions is more of an argument session between me and my photographer.
My friend Nicole said " It looked like a Cheshire cat grin in the sky" 
Okay then.



An extremely annoying misuse of the word "anyhow." Generally used by people who think they're being clever.
Anywho, how was your day?