Friday, May 18, 2012

Maxi Dress Fix

Count them 1,2,3 yes 3 black maxi dresses
Do you have a closet full of maxi dresses that have over stayed their welcome?  I do, and the time has come the time is now! it's time that I am going to do something about it. 

Look at all my black maxi dresses! I have to say that none look particularly  good on me at this stage in my postpartum body journey. So let’s get to work! I am going to do three separate refashions on these three dresses.

This is dress number 1
Dress number 1 I got this for a wedding when I was pregnant 

In the interest of keeping things simple I am going to start with number one.
Ok are you ready? Ok next post will be dress #1 I hope you like what I have planed.

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