Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why I love Labor Day!

Well friends and readers who are yet to become my new friends I probably don't need to tell you that it is Labor day  ...Again.  I am sure that a lot of you have a yearly ritual you do each year for this 3 day weekend.  I bet it's something fun and summery.  I imagine that you do something along the lines of taking your boat out on the water or going camping at a fabulous place with your family or best girl friends.

I also have an amazing annual ritual I look forward to each Labor Day.  I love my annual ritual so much that I actually feel happy inside just typing this out.  Why is it so wonderful?  Well I am about to tell you... just in case you don't know.  Around theses parts also know as the Divide.  Labor Day is also 50% off day at the thrift stores!

I LOVE THRIFTING! This is my thrifing Haul, I spent about $55.00! Not much for what I got, would you concur? 
I got some short dresses

I LOVE the the little metal things happening on the blue dress. What do you think?  I agree that its too much for a dress... I am going to need to refashion. That is why I used this image for my art at the top of my blog post. 
I got some long dresses too.  The black one is some fancy brand... I will be chopping it up

I got some tank tops too!  The yellow one is made by Guess, it is too small so I need to work on that.  I think the orange one is my very favorite and I am sure I will be leaving it and wearing it(out) just how it is. I actually HATE the purple one because it is made by Old Navy and I don't like them.  I didn't look till I got home, but I am sure it will make a lovely refashion. :)
Guess tops are always such nice fabric 
I would say these are my faves.  The dress fits me really well and the top is just a perfect casual top.  It has sleeves that button so I can wear it up or down.
I got some jeans! They are kinda mom jeans or more totally mom jeans but I need them now to hold my post baby belly nasty stretchmarks weirdness in, that no on warned me about by the way.
That is not it but I got tired of taking pictures and your probably tired of looking so I just stacked it all up and took this photo! This pile has some really great stuff in it too! It has a weird Liz Claiborne sweater, a Banana Republic shirt that I totally love and some fun weird wood things. Also some plain T-shirts that I will be dismantling very soon.
So that's about it friends now you know what I do every Labor Day here on the Divide.  I load up on a bunch of stuff that I will be refashioning through out the rest of the year.  I am sure you will see many of these items again in DIY posts to come.

Thanks for reading, I would love to know how your Labor Day was!