Monday, September 10, 2012

How to Make a Sippy Cup

How to make a sippy cup for baby

See this monkey...  He loves water... A LOT!  He has a hard time drinking it

This is a shot and simple little DIY sippy cup tutorial  Fallow along and you can have a home made water bottle. for you monkey

He is kinda obsessed whit water.  I don't know why but since about 4 months he has had an obsession with water bottles and sippy cups.  We give him sippy cups but they end up getting tossed out the car window, over the side of the stroller, over the side of the toilet and any other place you can think of.  Don't ask me how the sippy cup gets in these situations but if you have a baby I am sure you know about this. 

When we are in public and the sippy cup is in a precarious situation and the monkey wants water we use to try to give him some out of our cups, water bottles and even our straws.  These methods work ok.  Then one day when we were trying to give him a sip out of one of our disposable water bottles his father had a brilliant idea.  I love his idea so much! It works so well and the Monkey absolutely loves it too!  So I am going to show you our little water bottle into a sippy cup invention.

Step 1 Get your supplies
1) disposable water bottle
2) Thumb Tack
3) Baby

Step 2 Poke Hole
Use your thumb tack to poke a single hole in the top center of the lid on your water bottle

That is! That is how easy it is to convert a water bottle into a quick sippy cup. This is great for at home or on trips.  You know how your normal sippy cup can often mysteriously vanish when out and about.

Look at my happy monkey drinking out of his new water bottle.  He can also hold it and suck the water out. He really like this because he feel more like us drinking out of a real water bottle.

And that is all it take to make a happy Monkey baby 
Happy Baby!

If you have a baby you know that you will pay anything to make them stop crying, all you need is a water bottle and thumb tack!

* SAFETY NOTE You should never leave a baby unattended with a water bottle with a cap as it posses a choking hazard. You should never leave a baby unattended at all. This item should always be used with adult supervision. This item should only be used if your Dr has approved that you baby can drink fluids other than breast milk. Breast is always best!  I am not responsible for anything that may happen to any one as a result of drinking water from a water bottle.