Sunday, September 16, 2012

Make a Rainbow Makeup Brush Set with Matching Container

Recycle Baby Snack Containers into a Make Up Kit  

Step 1
Get your supplies, below are the ones I used.  I had some issues, so keep reading and I will discuss what you should use in order to get the best results with the least amount of effort.  Let me repeat "Best results with least amount of effort!" How all crafts should be.
You will need a primer or paints made for plastic.  This is discussed more in step 3, make sure to read that step
Step 2
Remove the label from you snack container

*Tip                                                                                               Important  that you pick a snack container that will hold your make up brushes well.

Step 3(the way I did it)
Tape and paint
You have to do some math to figure how many stripes will work with your container and the tape size your working with. *Tip- if you can't make the rows work out even with the size of your tape then work form middle out, leaving the top and bottom white.

The tape paint process.
(the way I did it)
After each stripe is taped off 
1) Remove every other row of tape then paint.  Let dry, repeat, let dry.(two coats)
2)Next if you have a good hand you can then remove the tape that is left on the container.  Then free hand paint the next set of "every other" unpainted stripe.(this is how I did it)
2)If you don't have a good hand at painting steady lines. Re-apply the tape(covering the now painted stripes) then remove the tape off the unpainted rows. Paint them... let dry and repeat.

That is how I did it but as promised I had some issues with this project, bad issues.  
What went wrong? My paint was not sticking well, actually it was a very huge disaster.  I am surprised I was able to make it work out. Every time I moved tape or even painted the paint pealed off.
I needed to use paint that was for plastic or prime this item!(with primer that works on plastic)

I don't want you to have to deal with the issues I had to make yours look good

You have options to avoid having my pealing paint issue.
(Your options are)
1.Use paint made for plastic(test a hidden area first)
2.Prime the area to be painted first,with a primer for plastic.(test hidden area first)
3.Eff the paint and use paper and Mod Podge for the stripes (this is what I wish I did)
So if you want to paint yours you need to do it different. You must prime it it okay? Or use paint made for plastic.   OK?Got it? Good. Then... moving on

Step 4

Seal it!
Paint it all over with a god coat of Mod Podge.  I like the Gloss look so that is what I used

When you apply the Mod Podge it will look foggy and white, have no fear it will dry nice and clear.

Step 5 Now take care of the brushes
Now you need to pay attention to your makeup brushes.  I wised up and primed my brushes.  Even thought they were wood, I figured better be safe and use the primer this time.

Okay then the same step apply to the makeup brushes.  One more time those steps are

2)Then Paint
3)Then Seal with the magic ingredient to crafting, Mod Podge!
Step 7 Dry time
I think this is the hardest step of all, also the most important.  They need to dry a long time until the mod podge is good and clear and hard. I can't tell you the exact time that it will be.  It depends on the temperature, humidity and some other things.  The minimum dry time for this project is going to be overnight.  For mine it  took about two days until everything was dry, hard and clear!

And then you are finished! You have some freshly painted makeup brushes and a nice little case you can toss in your bag.