Friday, September 20, 2013

I would love to feature your DIY tutorial.

Do you have a craft Tutorial that you would love to have featured here on My Life On the Divide? Well guess what? I would love to feature you and your craft tutorial. Featuring other bloggers tutorials is going to be a new segment for my blog. I don’t have a lot of rules for submitting a tutorial.

How to submit a tutorial.
1.     Email me the link to your tutorial,not to your main blog, just the tutorial. At     lifeonthedivide(at)gmail(dot) com
2.      Under the link to the tutorial I need the HTML code. Cut and paste the tutorials HTML  code to the email under the link.

       If your tutorial is accepted for featuring I will email you back a short questionnaire to fill out. With the date that your tutorial will be featured. So you can promote it if you want.

A few things that might cause your submission to be denied:

1.The quality of the photographs. I will not feature poorly photographed submissions.
2. Huge watermarks or watermarks that cover the photos  I will give you more than enough credit for your work. I understand wanting to have a water mark on your work. But if you use a huge one or one that goes across the whole photo, please remove them before submission. 
2. If you received compensation for tutorial I might not be able to feature it.

How to get around these things?

1. Edit your photos if you feel that they are not going to be acceptable. Use picmonkey or other editing program to fix up your pictures. I attached two of my tutorials that show the type of images I use. Yours do not have to look like mine. This is just so you have an idea.( Please don't be too worried about this :) 

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