Saturday, September 14, 2013

You Are Invited, Come Join The Refashion Community Board

Are you a refashionista? Then you are invited to come join my new refashion community board. All refashion, upcycle and clothing reconstruction-ers are welcome to come pin away. 

I started this community pin board a few weeks ago and already have some great members. Then I realized I never sent out a formal invitation! So here you go!

Now that you have been invited I am sure you want to know how to join so you can get to showing off all your refashions, right? Well its super easy to join the this Pintrest Community Pin Board. It only takes two steps.
Ask me for an invite, all are welcome.
Fallow me or the board(if not then I can't send the invite)
  • You can either fallow all my boards. Just click this link My Life On The Divide. And fallow. I will fallow all contributors back and love you forever


Receive Your Invite
You will receive your invite shortly after asking to be invited. It will show up in your Pintrest feed. All you have to do is push the accept button. Then you are free to pin pin pin away.

The Rules are very simple. You can pin anything that you refashioned.  You can pin as meany refashions as you want. You can pin as often as you want. You can pin a refashion that was a clothing item but you refashioned it into a non clothing item.(like a dress into earrings) Pretty much anything goes.
  • No etsy stores 
I am so happy to have you!