Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How to Make an Easy Button Ring

I really wanted to make a ring last night, but I don't own a mandrel. So I went on line to order one one, and it was going to take two days for shipping! TWO! When I have a craft-spiration I can not wait two days... I mean really? Art waits for no one. So with a ring in one hand I started on a mission around my home, slipping the ring on random mandrel shaped items. Like the prince with Cinderella's glass slipper, I eventually found the candle stick to slip the ring on. Then it was no longer just a candle stick but a beautiful  mandrel.It was a perfect fit. Now I know just how Cinderella felt.

This is what I used to make this easy wire wrapped button ring. I used is 22 gauge, you can use any size you are comfortable working with.

Step 1
Slide your ring on to the tapered candle and make a mark. Later this mark will work as a guide for sizing your new ring. When sliding the ring on to the candle it is best to choose a ring that is one size larger than you want to make you new ring. In this wire wrapping process you will loose about 1/2 to 1 whole ring size. However if you don't have a ring that is one size larger, I will show you a trick so your ring will still work out. 

Step 2
With your wire cutters, cut a length of wire. I used about 30 inches of 22 gauge wire. I am making a size 5 ring. This length of the wire you cut will depend on how large of a ring you make and the gauge of wire you are working with.

Step 3 
Place the center of your cut wire against the back of the candle then wrap the wire twice around the candle(more times if you want a thicker ring) Leaving two even lengths of wire on both sides of the candle. 
Note: If you made your mark on the candle with a ring that fits the way you want the new ring to fit then you will do this step slightly above the mark. If you used a ring the next size up then you will work right on the mark.

Step 4
Bring the two ends of the wire together on top of the ring. Pinch them together. 
 Note: Note photographed (This is also a good time to use your pliers to tighten the wires on the candle so they are close and tight to each other._

Step 5
Slide the two wire tails through the shank of the button. Then slide the button all the way down to the base of the candle. Hold the button firmly down.
Step 6
Wrap the two tails around the back of the candle one more time. 
 I would again use your pliers to gather the all the wires and keep them as tight as I can.(not photographed)
Step 7
Pull one end of the wire out of your way so you can work with latter. Next start working the available end of wire( it should be on "top") wrap this wire around the buttons shank to cover it. Keep wrapping until you have the whole shank covered. 
Note: You can work this on or of the candle. 

Step 8 

Use the end of wire that was pulled to the side. Also know as the only wire that is left to work with..Start wire wrapping it around the ring. Wrap the wire all the way around until you get back to the top of the ring. Then wrap over the little end that remains of the other piece of wire that you used to cover the shank. When you are done if any ends of your wire are in a position that it will snag on things then you can file it down.

down a little.

That is it! You are all done and your ring should look amazing! This is how mine looks and I love it!
See how cute it is on my hand? Now you know why I love it and I am making 10 more.

Sorry for all the ring pictures, I hope you liked this tutorial. please ask me any questions you have, I will get back to you.  I love comments so even if you just want to say hi, that is ok too.

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