Thursday, May 16, 2013

. DIY Kate Spade Terry Flats tutorial part 1

I love to refashion, anything... but my favorite thing to refashion is shoes. If you know me, and you do, then you should know that my first word was shoes! So maybe that is why When I saw the Kate Spade Summer Soiree. challenge I knew that I would have to refashion a pair of shoes. I found the Kate Spade "Terry Flat" for my inspiration.

This refashion is NOT hard but it will take a while so I made this a two part tutorial. This is part one.

Step 1
If your shoe has a texture that you do not want to keep, like mine did, you can fix it with a  little hot glue. Just fill in the parts that you want to be smooth. A side note you can also use hot glue to add textures.
Step 2
Cut out a piece of fabric that will cover the shoe. Then cut a slit down the middle and cut little slits all around. Hopefully the photo below will help my description make some since.

Step 3

Add fabric Mod Podge to the shoe. Anyplace that you want to have the new fabric needs to have a layer of Mod Podge. (I was going to cover the whole shoe but at the last minute I decided it would be fun to leave the heal as is)
Step 4
Smooth your fabric over the Mod Podge on the shoe. Just use your fingers to place the fabric on the shoe, smoothing out any wrinkles that my occur.  Then Cut the extra fabric away, very close to the edge of the shoe.

Step 5
Use a knife or other utensil to push the fabric into all the nooks and crannies. You want to push the fabric under any seams that you can. Also Push the fabric along the bottom with the knife. After you have pushed the fabric into all the seams, let the glue dry.

Step 6
Now it is time to add a a layer of the fabric Mod Podge to the top of the fabric. Just paint the glue on and let it dry. You can speed this up by putting your shoe in the sun on in the oven on 100 degrees (but not higher) 

OK we still need to make the toe pink! And the heal blue AND add some time :)

I will see you for Part two in a few days.


  1. Kasey, you did such an amazing job on these shoes!! I love how stylish they are! Pinning! Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

  2. These are so darling! I love hot pink and leopard. Great job and thanks for sharing with the Kate Spade Style Soiree!