Monday, April 30, 2012

Why easy refashions, don't get refashioned

 Why easy refashions, don't get refashioned

This is why clothing that should be easy to upcycle never gets finished.

This is one of my piles of clothing I want to refashion.


I have a huge pile of clothing I want to refashion that is ever growing.  Do you? I bet you do.  I bet you didn't think I would use an actual photo!  Today as I was trying to wrap my head around why I chose to attempt 30 refashions in 30 days.  I was looking at the HUGE pile trying to figure out why the pile just grows instead of producing awesome clothing for me.

Well I know exactly why my pile only grows.  It’s because I want my refashions to be perfections(is that a word)?  And I don’t have time to produce perfection.  Looking around at other peoples amazing blogs dose not help either.  Seriously you crafters are freaking geniuses.  I am not like you all, I only pretend I can refashion.

So this is what happens, how I accumulate a pile of clothing.  A great example is the brown dress I got for $2.  It could easily be refashioned.into a skirt,  I could just chop the top off and call it a day.  But I can see so much more potential than that...And this is where the problems start.

Let’s say it is a good day for refashioning so I get out that brown dress.  Now I don’t love brown, so instead of chopping the top and having a lovely refashion. I think how much better it would look if it were black.  After all I do have black dye.

Yes! That is what I will do, I will dye my dress!  As the excitement builds, the chance of this project being completed are ever slowing.  I start to think... “if I am going to get the black dye out I might as well find that other shirt I wanted to dye. This is usually the time things start to go bad and I get overwhelmed looking through the “pile” and give up.  

 But let’s just say its not a give up day, because they have happened. 

So after hours of digging out all my projects that need to be dyed black I am excited and can totally envision how this skirt should have little pink flower added too it.  Only I am out of pink thread!

 Now before you say that I should just go get some thread, living on the Divide means a 3 hr round trip for thread.  So running to get thread is not going to happen.  So I put the brown dress back in the pile along with all the other stuff to dye black.  Making it a day that I have only thought about refashion.  When I could have just chopped the top off and had a cute brown skirt.  But since I wanted a perfect skirt with pink thread on black…. It doesn’t happen.  It ended up, a give up day.

So for my 30 refashion in 30 days challenge.  I am not going to do this to myself.  I am just going to do it.  I am just going to be happy with my 5 min chopped top skirt.  Then if I can updated it to the perfect black with pink thread skirt when I have time I will.

Ok, I showed you my pile, I dare you to show me yours!