Saturday, April 28, 2012

May challenge 30 refashions for 30 days.

I challenge myself, 30  refashions in 30  days

I am challenging myself!

Why?  Here is the story that led me to this challenge, if you care.  If you just want the rules, skip to the bottom.

I am going through a uncomfortable time in my life.  I recently had a baby, my first.  I gained a lot of weight with that pregnancy.  I did not want to buy any clothes in my, after baby size.  It seamed like a waist of money, after all I had planned on being back in my size 2’s right away.  I figured breast feeding was going to help while also making my tops way too small.  So the plan was No new clothes until I could fit into my old ones.

I started feeling very sick not long after the baby was born.  I started losing a lot of hair (I thought this was normal).  Then I started feeling dizzy and sick.  I went to my Dr. thinking I was already pregnant again.  NO, not pregnant.  They told me I was fine. 

At this point I have bald spots (my Dr said that is normal after pregnancy, I don’t believe him) and I weigh more than I did at 40 weeks.  I feel very sick and I am always in pain along with all sorts of other things.  I found a Dr who gave me some blood tests; I should be getting the results soon.  I am worried about them but hope they prove something is wrong with me and that going bald after pregnancy is not normal.

Still, a problem I have is I need clothing that fits.  My maternity clothing, while it fits is out of season.  That is a big problem where I live. (It was snowing and is now in the 100’s)  No matter what this health issue is I am still sticking to the plan of no new clothes until I can fit into my old ones.

So let the refashioning begin!


My rules for my 30 refashions in 30 days challenge

  1. I can refashion clothing I have
  2. I can buy anything at any thrift store for refashioning  
  3. I can buy new clothing if it is reduced %75 or more for refashioning
  4. I challenge myself for 30 refashions for 30 days
  5. I get to take of 3 days for my birthday.  
  6. *added since it's my first mothers day, I can do something special that day.(not sure yet)

Do you want to join my challenge?