Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Nursing Cover Scarf

Tutorial 5
The Nursing Cover Scarf

Nursing scarf that you can make quick and easy

My baby has become like a bird whose head I must cover in order to get him to relax. I guess I could use a normal nursing cover but that would be one more thing I need to put in my overflowing diaper bag. Seriously you would all laugh if you saw the diaper bag, any ways.
So I came up with a quick way to up cycle a scarf into a nursing cover scarf. This is so easy I am sure all you mommas will be able to whip one out during nap time.

Step 1
Gather supplies
You will need:
  1. A scarf(or similar shaped and size fabric)
  2. A long thin scrap a fabric for the neck strap (I used a bottom of an old matching t-shirt)
  3. Sewing supplies (needle, thread or machine)
  4. scissors
  5. Pins

Once you get all you supplies you are ready to get started.

Step 2
 Find the middle of the scarf and make a chalk, to find the middle just fold the scarf in half long ways.

Find the best spot on the scarf to attach the neck strap.  This will be a little different for everyone depending on the coverage you like.  I made a diagram of the easiest way to find the place to attach the neck strap, it was a pain in my butt so I hope you enjoy it.
Basically your going to hold the scarf up to you with the middle chalk mark right in the middle of your neck.  Then use safety pins to attach the fabric piece around your neck, making sure that you get the coverage you like. (I attached my strap about 81/2 inches from the middle on each side)

Step 4

After you have found the best location for the neck strap use straight pins to hold the strap into place.  You will need to fold the ends under so it will not fray.  Then give a quick stitch and Ta-DAAA your all done. (I am sure you could use my favorite fabric glue to make this in to a no sew project, I love the no-sew!)


 You now have a scarf that will double as a nursing cover.

You can use it as a breastfeeding cover
You can still use it as your scarf

So what do you think?  I hope you will give this a shot at home.  Its easy and looks cute.  Let me know how you nursing cover turns out, I would love to see them.