Monday, March 5, 2012

No-Sew nursing slimming tank

I am sure most of you know the “make any top into a nursing top with a tank” method.  It is a great for hiding your stomach while nursing but I don’t love this method. I always feel disheveled and bulkier(just what I need after having a baby right) I needed something that would look great while trying to calm the screaming poop machine….and slimming…why yes I need to look slimmer, my belly was just stretched to the size of a beach ball.  So I made this in about 18 minuets including taking the photos yelling at the dogs calming the screaming poop machine and begging Big T to take photos.  So I know you can whip up this little no-sew number in no time.

step 1
Get a shape-wear top.  You can buy a new one but better yet get a used one.

Step 2
Try on and trace around your nursing bra
See my chalk line under the bust?

Step 3
Cut out
If yours has a seam like mine cut above it.

Step 4(optional)
If your fabric is a type that will fray use this amazing stuff!
All no-sew Mamas must have this in the house!

Ta Da !

Me before and after.  Nursing shape wear sucks it all in for me.
 look how slimming this no-sew nursing top is!  I wear one of these everyday!  I hope you like this idea.  Thank you for looking.

I hope you make one or more for your self.  It was so easy that any busy Mom can make one in less that 10 minuets.  I would love to see your before and after pictures of the slimming effects of the nursing shape wear.  So please send me a picture of your version of this top.