Friday, March 2, 2012

No-sew Maternity top upcyled from girls dress

In my second trimester I could no longer fit into my shirts, or most of Big T’s shirts. We hit the dollar day at one of my favorite thrift stores and picked up this girls dress made by guess. (I some how lost the before pictures.)  Last thing I remember was texting them to my Sister Kristen and we were discussing who got the better thrift store score that week.  So I am surprised that with my enthusiasm for this garment that I lost he photos.  Sorry I will do better next time (no one is reading this blog yet any way)  Any way it looked a lot like this before.( I am not sure how to give credit to who ever made this dress sorry I’m new still)

So this refashion was so simple!  All I had to do was get out my super Fiskers and cut the little black and gray striped tshirt out from under the black part.  So When I tried on the black part and saw how perfect it was I decided that no more work was needed.

TaDa! You have it a super easy girls dress refashion to maternity/nursing top. 

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