Saturday, July 27, 2013

Best of Splatter Painted DIY's


I am in love with the splatter painted trend. Well I think it is a trend. I mean if you look at the J. Mendel Pre-Fall 2013 fashion show, you will see a lot of amazing splatter painted pieces. Well J. Mendel calls it exploded Floral but it sure looks like splatter paint to me. I really loved the two below, what do you think, splatter paint or exploded floral? Anyone who splatter paints an evening gown is a genius in my book
2 garments from the j. mendel Exploded-floral-print collection
. I tell you my head is filling up with refashion plans for all my old bridesmaid dresses.(Always a bridesmaid never a bride,but that is a story for another time.)

I still don't know splatter paint is a trend that will really take off. Just because somthing is on the runway does not always mean it will be a huge trend. Just look at this Astrid Anderson Spring 2014 look. Hummmm 
Regardless if splatter painting is going to make a huge comeback or not. The refashion I did published a few days ago was inspired by it.  
So I rounded up 8 other wonderful tutorials here for you to enjoy. They use different painting techniques that I know you are going to love. One of the tutorials shows how to splatter paint by blowing paint through a straw,while another teaches you how to  paint by filling balloons with paint then throwing darts at them.... I can't think of a more exciting paint technique. I will be trying that one for sure

8 plus 1 splatter paint tutorials

* tutorials from amazing blogs and 1 form mine. You can get the full tutorial by clicking on the links below

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